10 Most Meaningful Images of 2018: #6

Firebush 10.26.2018 ISO 2500 - f5.0 - 1/15 sec

ISO 2500 - f5.0 - 1/15 sec

I am lucky enough to live next to a town forest with more than ten miles of walking trails with thousands of deciduous trees. In the fall, those trees turn to the beautiful colors of autumns. The green leaves yield to the season and become the deep reds, yellow and oranges of a New England autumn.

And so, on this October day I strapped on my brand new Shimoda bag and took a walk through the town forest. I was immediately surrounded by the colors of autumn, but finding a composition wasn’t going to be easy. Finding order in the disorder of a forest is a really difficult task at times, and so I walked,.. and walked… and walked all the while struggling to find a comp. The forest was full of color, but it was so dense that isolating a great composition was a struggle.

After a bit, I went to a pond that I was familiar with to see if I could find a reflection. Luckily it was a pretty wet fall, so the pond was still fairly full, now just to find the shot. As I walked around the pond I could see a flash of orange on the opposite side of the pond. As I got closer, sure enough it was a small bush fully ablaze in autumn foliage.

I set my tripod on the steep incline of the opposite side of the pond and with my 70-200 lens, I composed the shot. The first thing I noticed when composing was the reflection in the water. For some reason I hadn’t seen it until I looked through my view finder, but when I did I knew immediately that I was looking at a 4x5 crop with the reflection as a part of the shot. I loved how simple it was. I loved how in the thick of the town forest this simple, autumn reflection was found and thus, “Firebush” lands at #6 of my top ten most meaningful images of 2018.

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