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Sometimes, Equipment Matters

I am not a gear head and I don’t want this blog to be about gear. Truthfully, the technical aspects of photography and camera gear bore me. I’m sure that it is really important and I’m happy that the techies at Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, etc. pay attention to it. Obviously, cameras today are much better than previous generations and there are all sorts of technical reasons why, but none of really interests me - I trust that the experts are, well, experts.

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10 Most Meaningful Posts of 2018: #1

When your daughter tells you that you will be taking her senior picture, well, you better prepare, and I did. From the summer of 2017 when Lizzy gave me the heads up until August of 2018 when I captured this image, I watched Youtube videos, completed LinkedIn Learning courses, and studied the work of Chris Orwig - a natural light portrait photographer from California.

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10 Most Meaningful Posts of 2018: #2

Prior to attending the Out of Moab Photography Conference, I did my homework. I studied locations, reviewed camera angles, prepared for hikes, and watched YouTube videos. Delicate Arch was a “must do” location for me so… until I read that the hike to the arch included “a narrow rock ledge with exposure to heights.”

Ummmm… did I mention that I am not a fan of heights?

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10 Most Meaningful Images of 2018: #7

I have never been one for Astrophotography. The late nights don’t go well with my usual early mornings. I am an early riser by nature, so staying up to the wee hours of the morning to shoot the starts usually doesn’t happen. But, when I saw that Mike Taylor (and his wife Sonya) would be leading an excursion to shoot Landscape Arch at night at the Out of Moab Landscape Photography Conference, I knew I had to take advantage.

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10 Most Meaningful Images of 2018: #8

For years I have said that I would not shoot portraits. Even now I have little interest in shooting studio portraits. The thought of sitting in a studio shooting the same shot over and over again just doesn’t appeal to me. But, my interest in shooting portraits was forced to change about 18 months ago.

"Dad, you’re going to take my senior picture.”

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10 Most Meaningful Images of 2018: #9

If there was an emergent theme for my landscape photographer in 2018 it was: Moment. Nothing illustrated that more than this morning at Park Avenue in Arches National Park in Moab, UT.

For the past two years I have participated in the Out of Chicago Landscape Photography Conference. In 2017 I ventured to Acadia National Park, and this past October to Arches as a participant. The conference brings 150 participants together with 15 of the best landscape photographers in the world. Having the opportunity to put life aside for a week and shoot with and learn from the likes of Nick Page, Thomas Heaton, Erin Babnik, Mike Taylor as well as many other passionate landscape photographers has made a huge impact on my photography and given me the opportunity to meet and make dozens of new friends. Chris Smith (CEO) and his team ensure that all levels of photographer have an opportunity to better their craft and enjoy excursions to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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10 Most Meaningful Images of 2018: #10

What makes “The Wagon” meaningful? The answer to that question starts on a cold, March overcast day in Durham, NH and ends on a November evening in nearby Portsmouth. That morning in March was quite gloomy. On again, off again rain and a thick cloud cover made for perfectly moody conditions to shoot in, but not much fun to walk in. Anyone who lives around the seacoast of New Hampshire knows of The Wagon and it’s perch atop Wagon Hill Farm and if you are photographer in the area, your portfolio isn’t complete without its image in it. Frankly, new images of the wagon have to be different. Have to be special, and my first image that day was not.

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Shooting An Icon

We arrived at the lighthouse 90 minutes before sundown and found a traffic jam.  We considered leaving and finding another location, but a quick recon of the area showed that many people were coming and going, so parking would be available soon.  However, finding a traffic jam along the coast of Maine was a sobering reminder of why these locations are considered icons: everyone wants an image of Bass Harbor Light in their portfolio.  Much like it's sisters to the south, Nubble Lighthouse and Portland Head Light, Bass Harbor Light is a must get for all New England landscape photographers, a fact that we were quickly reminded of when we tried to pull into the already full parking lot.  

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Thomas Heaton Challenged Me... Twice

First, yes, it was THAT Thomas Heaton.  For those of you not familiar with Thomas' work, go check out his Youtube channel.  Ten hours later when you are done binge watching his work, come back here and finish reading this post.  You'll understand why this was so meaningful to me.  

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Out of Acadia workshop organized by Out of Chicago in Acadia National Park in Maine.  With 100 passionate participants and 20 professional photographers and venders to help with our techniques, strategies, gear, etc in the iconic Acadia National Park there was no shortage of "aha" moments to be had.  But, when Thomas Heaton challenged me personally, twice, it wasn't hard to take note.  

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